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the preferred vendor list

event planners


  • The listed vendors are those with whom Nana-Mac Meadows has a trusted working relationship with, & while we are confident in their work based on our experience or the experience noted by our clients, Nana-Mac Meadows cannot be held responsible or liable for issues that may arise between our client and the vendor.  If an issue does arise, NMM will address the situation and will ensure it is handled respectfully and diligently. 

  • Some of the named vendors are affiliated with the *BOSS Network of wedding professionals that Nana-Mac is also affiliated with, thus qualifying for them for inclusion in our comprehensive package pricing.  Please note the asterisk by their name.

    • *BOSS Weddings offers opportunities for our couples to find vendors who have been vetted and meet the following criteria:

      • 1. Adherence to a professional code of conduct. 

      • 2. Possession of liability insurance to protect you and your guests.

      • 3. A proven track record of excellence, evidenced by an abundance of five-star reviews. 

      • The complete list can be found under BOSS Vendors.

  • For vendors not affiliated with BOSS, we proudly hold them in high regard, as they received a 5-star review from one of our Nana-Mac couples who hired them during their wedding, along with professionalism within the standards of Nana-Mac.

  • We do allow outside (approved) vendors, so the names noted above are not required by our venue.

  • It is important to note that this list is not comprehensive.  Our hopes are that it will continue to grow, as our venue grows, so please check back regularly.

  • We do not receive reimbursement or compensation for having the vendors on our list.  They are simply those who we trust and have confidence in to represent our Nana-Mac couples.  

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